# wget -qO- http://freegeoip.net/json/
{“ip”:”″,”country_code”:”HK”,”country_name”:”Hong Kong”,”region_code”:””,”region_name”:””,”city”:”San Po Kong”,”zip_code”:””,”time_zone”:”Asia/Hong_Kong”,”latitude”:11.11,”longitude”:11.11,”metro_code”:0}

# wget -qO- http://freegeoip.net/json/ | grep -Po ‘(?<=”ip”:”)[^”]*’

首先如果要生一個vmdk大於2TB,必須使用 vmware web client 處理
先安裝windows 2012 R2, 再安裝vCenter Server for Windows
Login vSphere Web Client (Flash)
create datacenter, create host , license可以用試用版,因為目標只是想create HDD
edit virtual machine + HDD


fdisk -l


==================Larger than 2TB=============
parted /dev/sdb
mklabel gpt

Model: VMware Virtual disk (scsi)
Disk /dev/sdb: 19.9TB<====


mkpart primary 0GB 19.9TB

==================Larger than 2TB=============

#之後formart the partition to centos ext4
mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1

#開mount point
mkdir /home/dataDrive

nano /etc/fstab
#add a row at the back
/dev/sdb1 /home/disk ext4 defaults 1 2

mount /dev/sdb1 /home/dataDrive
df -h

windows server 2012/2016 會食唔到esxi內的default scsi hdd,另到install 唔到window

去edit esxi -> SCSI controller

改做vmware paravirtual

加返esxi 內的driver , 去floppy driver , datastore內的/vmimages/floppes/pvscis-windows2008.flp

2012/2016server 都用windows2008.flp

正常install windows server , 去到hdd個位 load driver

floppy->amd64 ->enter

~ mysql Slave Error ~

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my.cnf 設定如下,可以避免slave error

binlog_format = mixed

replicate-ignore-table = xxxDB.xxxtable

#1062=duplicate key error



add Boolen Key in info.plist




之後係itune connect㩒黃色三角 , select no 之後就唔會再出現

或尼個方法,不用重新打包,改build number,重新upload ipa

之後係itune connect㩒黃色三角 , select no 之後就唔會再出現 , and start internal tesing

open terminal

cd ~  
mv .itmstransporter/ .old_itmstransporter/  

del左個file 或 mv 之後重開xcode 就可以

update the admob framework to 7.2 version

and do the following steps

我地想做出Dynamite text box可以scroll 效果



然後,去panel加入<mask>同<scroll Rect>,mask 主要用尼cover左出血既位,scroll rect是用scroll,Content選擇text


public RectTransform rt;
public Text txt;

void Update () {
        rt.sizeDelta = new Vector2(rt.rect.width, txt.preferredHeight);

~ Setup a Windows Crontab ~

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cmd 是一個windows batch processing file


1)vmware workstation pro form vmware web-site(free)
2)unlocker208 from insanelymac
3)Golden master 10.12 vm image

install vmware workstation pro with sn
patch vmware with unlocker208, click on win-install(run as admin)

CLOSE VMWARE before patch

Then go back to the vmware, and create a new vm for mac

press I will install the operating system later.

if <<apple Mac OS X>> is appear on the select box, then the patch process is successful.

Select store virtual disk as a single file, then edie the vm and remove the hdd

add back the existing Golden master virtual disk

finish edit, then go to the vm folder and edite the .vmx by using notepad ++

add this line at the back

smc.version = "0"

then switch on the vm

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