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~ install macosx on vmware ~

connie 2017.05.08 | Mac OSX, vmware | | No Comments

1)vmware workstation pro form vmware web-site(free)
2)unlocker208 from insanelymac
3)Golden master 10.12 vm image

install vmware workstation pro with sn
patch vmware with unlocker208, click on win-install(run as admin)

CLOSE VMWARE before patch

Then go back to the vmware, and create a new vm for mac

press I will install the operating system later.

if <<apple Mac OS X>> is appear on the select box, then the patch process is successful.

Select store virtual disk as a single file, then edie the vm and remove the hdd

add back the existing Golden master virtual disk

finish edit, then go to the vm folder and edite the .vmx by using notepad ++

add this line at the back

smc.version = "0"

then switch on the vm

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